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    Server for hosting streaming videos


    I needed some advice regarding choosing hardware for setting up a server to host streaming video and downloadable video too.

    Here's a short overview of what we are planning to do:
    - Host medium-quality streaming 10-min. flash videos
    - Make available downloadable video formats for higher quality viewing
    - We expect significant traffic, given that these videos will be embedded in an already established website that has a worldwide audience

    Right now, our main concern is choosing what kind of server to host these files on. Never having had any experience with setting up a server for this particular purpose, I'm not sure what OS/platform would be most appropriate - Window, Linux, Mac, etc.? What factors should we be considering in regards to the server hardware and the above-outlined purpose?

    I'd appreciate any help in pointing us in the right direction with this.

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    It depends on how exactly you plan to serve the videos and how many concurrent hits you expect. Your options range from a 586/66 running VLC to a giant cluster of high end machines running complex software.
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    Server for hosting

    I am wanting to do the very same for my site and here is the research, That i have come up with
    The new guys Wowzer streaming server. This are new guys,who use to work for the adobe group. they are wanting to get their foot in the door and are going our of their way to please. alex at wowzermedia dot com.
    That is the software,
    Hard ware I am looking at the quad core, with a compatible motherboard, this is basically a grunt machine, that can handle anything that you throw at it.
    I am storing my files externally at the media storage for about 300 per year.
    The above guys use flash, because of the control that you have over your content.
    they have a download for free that you can play with
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