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    USB Streaming mode for Sony DCR-HC30E

    HELP!! Want to copy from tape to disc, but seem to be stuck in a predicament @ the moment, please can someone advise my or have a copy of the user's manual?...

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    Re: USB Streaming mode for Sony DCR-HC30E

    Here's a hint: It always pays to read instructions before posting

    I'm feeling generous so I'll spell it out - the instructions for this forum tell you to search the database of manuals before posting. The manual you want is there.

    BTW, if you still have trouble and want more help, you will need to tell us what your predicament is (not just that you have one).
    Dave Owen

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    Well, I read the manual, but it seems that you have to use this crappy VCD software, then halfway stop it (after the temporary file is made) copy the temp file quickly, then stop the process from making a useless VCD rom.
    The quality is poor, the avi file hugh.

    horrible procedure, not of this decade!

    good luck


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