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    What is the simplest way of getting audio on to my website

    I have a CD and I would like to use one of the tracks on my web page. What is the best way of doing this. There are no rights issues with the material as It my own content.

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    Re: What is the siMplest way of getting audio on to my website

    There are many ways of getting the Audio on to your website. Here is one way I found useful.

    I would rip my audio track from CD using Nero or whatever to a WAV format.

    IMPORT the audio onto the audio track
    and export the "movie".

    What happens is MOVIE MAKER will create a WMA file of the audio. Normally people would add the <source ="myaudio.wma"> sort of tag to their website and upload it to their webspace.

    BUT WAIT! don't rush it, here's a tip. change the extension from WMA to ASF! before adding it to your website, this usually forces the browser or media player playing it to think it's a streamed file making it harder to copy unless you want it copiable.

    This is just one of many ways you can encode audio for the web, there are plenty of tutorials on streaming on this great website, but this method is cheap n nasty, just the way we like it!

    But hey! don't take my word for it!

    Have fun


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    Re: What is the simplest way of getting audio on to my website

    Thank you Tony.

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    Re: What is the simplest way of getting audio on to my website

    Personally I like Flash as the "best" way to deliver audio, but it's not really the easiest. For the easiest method I'd go with wma/asf as cyntax suggests.
    Dave Owen

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    Hi. Bear in mind that if your file is 1.5mb in size, it might take a while to load if it is on auto. Of course in the world of broadband, 1mb is like 10kb

    Not all websites support streaming, but I presume you're paying for the hosting. Then again, the last time I checked was 6 months back.


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