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    need help

    Last night I watched tv and it was fine, turned it off and 15 minutes later it wouldnt come back on, I have sat tv, and the message on screen says, "no signal" so I called sat tv and they seem to think its my tv, not the satellite. I cant play a dvd or vcr tape but i can play PS2 games, and they have sound and pic...any idea on what i should hope for? also there is a 2nd tv(in bedroom) on the sat box and it is working fine. model # KV-36FS13
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    sounds like you blew an Input. usually not a big deal (depending on the about of stuff you have hooked into it. Take your Sat box, and DVD player and put it in a different input (like the one that the video game is in) and see if it works then. If yes, the original Input is bad, if no, I would guess the wires are bad. that is where i would start, try this and write back and let us know.
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    thank you for your reply kawsakimx6 , you were correct !! .. I tried a different input and it works like a charm, ty ty ty !


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