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    Help with compression

    I have too much graphics in my future web site (I've done it in Flash). But I don't know how to compress such files. Help me, please!

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    Re: Help with compression

    SWF COMPRESSOR-DECOMPRESSOR will allow you to pack and unpack files of the SWF Flash format (SWF Flash may be of any version) without loss of data and qualities. The program has the built-in player of SWF-files. It's very easy in utilisation, so you'll understand everything.

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    Re: Help with compression

    In "Publish Settings" you can adjust the compression of any jpg images in the Flash file.

    There are many other ways to tweak the file size but it's a big topic and it depends on how you've made the movie. For example, if you use a lot of Actionscript you could see if you can make the code more efficient. If you use components, see if you can replace them with your own constructions.

    Macromedia has a few tips on this page:
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