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    I Need help please?

    i just wanna know how and what software to use to join two videos together.not linking to scenes but making the "twins" know.i shoot a person two times and sort of layer the two videos to make as if there are two of them.

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    There are a couple of ways to do this.

    The easiest thing to look for is a program which supports video layers. The idea is to have two layers, one on top of the other, and crop the top one so the bottom one shows underneath. For example, you could crop out the right side of the picture and reveal the right side of the second video below.

    You can also do this with some transitions by locking a transition on the same setting for the whole clip, e.g. have a half-wipe between two clips.

    You could look at Adobe Premiere Elements or Final Cut Express. There are lots of other inexpensive applications but I'm afraid I can't recommend anything in particular. I guess a lot depends on your budget.
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