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    Hi all. I just discovered this forum and thought it was the best place to get questions which I've been googling for the past couple of days answered.

    I know for most people here, you guys do serious editing. But I'm more towards a home movie editor. Anyhow from what I've learned, Scenalyzer and WinDV are good DV capture software that allows you to capture from DV without dropping frames. I understand the standard DV runs at 25fps (pls correct me if I'm wrong).

    The problem I'm having is in editing. When I start editing a scene (cutting or adding effects), it loses the 25fps frame rate. But the next scene still retains the frame rate. My question:

    1. Is there a way (software or otherwise) to allow the editing of a scene without a drop in frame rate? Can effects be added without dropping frame rate?

    2. What is the standard frame rates that can be displayed by a DVD player (say Philips)?

    3. If we capture a perfect 25fps movie from DV to PC, and burn it directly to DVD without any editing, will this ensure a good output of 25fps on the DVD player?

    4. Does the frame rate of the scene make a difference when encoding to DVD?

    Fyi I'm running Pentium4 3.06HT with 1.5gb DDR 400 Ram and Radeo 9600

    Thanks for your help

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    Hi faz and welcome to the forum.

    What software are you using for editing? You shouldn't ever have to live with a changing frame rate. In fact I've never come across a problem like this myself.

    Generally speaking, you set things like the frame rate when you create a new video project. Ideally you will work only with clips of the same frame rate, and it stays the same from capture to export (including burning to DVD). It would pay to check all these settings in your project.

    PAL countries use 25fps for TV and DVD, NTSC countries use 30fps.
    Dave Owen

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    Hi Dave. Thanks.

    Well I've got two software for editing, Sony Vegas and Ulead Videostudio 10, the latter being my preferred editor.

    The drop in frame rate occurs after editing. When I was doing playback on Videostudio 10, the scene was running good at 25fps. But after editing and adding some effects to the scene, the scene looks slightly choppy and blurry when panning, so I presume this was what was meant by a drop in frame rate. After dvd burning, it remained choppy.

    Oh I forgot to mention that I got an 80GB partitioned drive (40gb C:, 40gb E
    . Could this be a problem?

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    Hi Faz,
    There could be a few reasons for your problems. I havent used VideoStudio 10. I've used version 7 & 8 but do most of my editing with Ulead MediaStudio Pro 7 & Premiere Pro.
    Ulead Video Studio 10 is still relatively new and your problems could be a bug in the program and the computer components that you have. Check Uleads website to see if they have released any updates/ patches for it.

    Another thing is your using the same hard drive to do all the work. Even though it's partitioned your still asking the one hard drive to be used to run your operating system as well as read and write alot of information at the same time (A second hard drive for storing your video files is the preferred way). In the mean time make sure your hard drive has been checked for errors and defragmented before doing any video capturing, editing and dvd burning.

    I'm not sure about UVS10 but if you can and you have the hard drive space to do it, make sure you render your work area before converting your videos.

    You may want to run through your settings/prefferences and make sure they're all set right. 25 fps is for PAL if your in NZ, OZ etc and 30fps is for NTSC if your in the USA etc.

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    Westie, thanks for the tip about the hard drive. I've got one unused drive in the PC which I normally connect in case of primary OS failure so I might just use that.

    Last night I spent a whole lot of time with UL10 and Sony Vegas 6, and despite UL10 being more user friendly, I found Vegas to be so much better. In fact, I was able to edit the scenes and insert effects without losing the frame rate at all. After that, I would then render the whole movie (after editing and effects) into either NTSC or PAL. It was as simple as that. My only complaint was that rendered the avi file to be burned to DVD took almost 2.5 hours, not including the burning. Is there another way around this? Perhaps another software package that would render at a faster rate without losing quality? (Next thing you know I'm going to use something else to burn to DVD!)

    Is it normal for people to use different softwares for these stages (capturing, editing, rendering and compress to dvd) or am I the only one?

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    Rendering video files can take quite along time indeed. When i was using TMPGEnc to encode my video files i'd use the option to "shut computer down when finished" and go to bed.

    You may want to turn off your antivirus system and any other processes that your not using to free up your system as well. Things like msn messenger, yahoo mesenger, printer software and alot of other things that love to sit in your task bar and run in the background waiting for the day you need to use them. I only ever have two things running in my taskbar. My firewall and my antivirus system which i switch off when doing video editing/dvd's. (I'm not on the net during this time)

    Most people i know use a different program for each task. Most, not all, "all in one" packages you buy are limited in one way or another. EG; you may get a good editing program but the dvd program may be basic. If you get a package where everything works, capture,editing and dvd creation then your doing well. Theres so much different hardware/software combinations with a pc that its very common to have some trouble along the way.
    Best thing is to try a program and see if you like it and it works ok with your system. It's quite common for me to use up to three or four different programs to make a completed dvd. That includes Photoshop as well.

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    Westie, having followed your advice, I've successfully edited and burned my first home movie. Seems likeWinDV and Vegas 6 did the job quite well. For the images, I use Corel Paint Shop X. It's not as complex as Photoshop but it does the job (plus it's cheaper!). My only complaint was that rendering took 3 hours which is crazy. I mean, if rendering for DVD took that long, then why can't the capture software automatically convert to DVD format rather than to avi?

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    Theres not much that can be done about the rendering although the faster your computer the faster your render times will be.
    I usually go and watch a dvd or take the kids for a walk down the park while waiting for a video to render. My computers not a fast one by todays standards, P4 2.26ghz, 512mb ram, 80gb hdd + 160gb hdd so mine takes a while to render as well (I really need more ram).

    If you captured/transfered your video straight to dvd format then you wouldn't be able to edit it as you normally would in your editing program.

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    I did some search on capturing direct to mpeg2 and you were right. Just like professional photographers who would rather shoot in raw mode, then modify their pictures and convert to jpg. It's better to work on something that's high quality. So am I right to assume that avi is considered lossless type of compression?,pg,11,00.asp

    I also found this link which claims that Mediostream's NeoDVD 4 Plus can render quick. Have you ever came across anyone using this?

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    No one ever said this whole thing was easy. It's quite hard to find one whole package that is worth it. Anyhow, just to recap, WinDV is the capture software, Vegas is the editor (for me anyway).

    Concerning the encoder, I've been hearing a lot about CC encoder on the web. Although the reviews that I read was made a couple of years back, I presume this Mpeg2 encoder is top notch. However I'm not sure if I would fork out that much money to pay for it when I wouldn't be using it every single day. Having to pay $600+ for Vegas was as much as I plan to pay for this hobby of mine. Anyhow thanks for the tips and helping me out.


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