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Thread: Makeup for TV

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    Makeup for TV

    Can anyone direct me to a site or general tips on makeup for television. We film a show for TV outside and just need to know what type of makeup we need to keep in mind to help with outdoor light and flesh color? Thanks.

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    It's very hard to find anything for free, perhaps because there's quite a lot of money to be made charging for this sort of information.

    If you don't get any decent answers I'll ask at work. Our presenters normally do their own makeup and it's pretty basic stuff, but I'll find out where they get their makeup and see if they have any tips.
    Dave Owen

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    Natrual glow

    Seriouly though i'm no makeup artist but it'd have to be better than no makeup at all. The main thing is to get rid of that shine/reflection that you get sometimes while filming.


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