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    I am a great fan of your tutorials but, I suspect like many members, would prefer to have them in good old fashioned printed form rather than on screen. Have you considered producing them in book form or alternatively, have a printer friendly version of each tutorial that can be downloaded and printed?

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    Re: Tutorials

    Thanks for your comments. We've actually designed the tutorial pages to be printable so you should be able to print them out. I realise that this isn't quite the same as having a whole series of tutorials in one printable document but it's a reasonable compromise.

    We have considered producing an e-book or making PDF files available for download, but unfortunately it's a matter of economics. We can recoup our costs from online tutorials by showing advertisements but it becomes a lot harder when providing downloads. If people were more willing to pay (or even make a donation) we would be more willing to give it a try. Some time ago we did some research and discovered that people don't really want to part with money - they just want the tutorials for free. We don't have a problem with that at all but we just need to be careful to keep the system economically viable.
    Dave Owen

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    If your looking for printed tutorials and are a cheap bugger like me then you could try your local libary. I've got some great books out from our local one on subjects like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Digital Video, Photography etc.

    When i decided that i wanted to learn how to shoot and edit good video of the kids birthdays, family holidays, friends weddings, etc, instead of the usual out of focused shot of the ceiling or floor or the constant zooming and panning that was enough to make you feel seasick, i went to the libary and got a book out on moviemaking. I realised while reading it that shooting video & photography are similar. Everything you do to take a good photo can be used to take good video. So i got a book out on photography and learnt about framing the shot and the rule of thirds, shutter speed, having good light, etc.

    After two years I'm still trying to get to grips with it all and still get the same books out from the libary now and then to try and understand/learn some things but i know my videos are turning out alot better these days than those fuzzy ceiling shots.


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