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    Hi all,
    Just wondering if I could pick some brains. Myself and a friend are starting to swop the rifle for a video camera while hunting. We are getting great footage but the quality is not up to scratch as we are only using 'cheap' <$1000 minidv camera's. Is it possible to get anything descent that is portable, fairly robust and takes good footage for under $4000? Any advice appreciated!

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    Hi aidy,
    For that amount of money you should be able to get a very good camera.
    I cant reccomend a camera in that price range but i would reccomend you get at least a rain jacket for it to protect it from the enviroment.


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    Hi Virtual Hunter.
    High definition cameras cost that much.
    That way you can capture your image in HD. You will need the HD resources to be able to retain the quality when you stream it or download it.
    Sony just launch a new HD camera. There are another 2-3 on the market from other manufacturers (e.g. JVC).
    We will be launching toward the end of this year, the capability to post directly to your (social networking) website video imges from your camera (HD camera, midiDv, cell phone).
    we are still in pre-launch phase: see


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    If your not ready for the HD thing, I would definantly recommend the Canon XL2. GREAT CAMERA!!! With many capabilities and options!!

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    I would try Sony DCR VX2100 PAL version.
    It is a semi pro camcorder and it has very good results in low light cond.,
    has a pretty good optical stabilization.
    It costs app. $2500 (US$). I use it myself and I always get a
    good footage.

    About HD camcorders .....

    I was interested to by an HD camc. until I came to know, that
    I also needed very strong computer HW (very strong), which cost even more than the HD camc.


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