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    How to use Canon XL-2 with low light conditions

    hi there,

    I have to shoot an event with music/dance/fashion shows.
    I guess there are not many lights at the location.
    It is more like a club.

    I have the Canon XL-2 and the Sony HVR Z1 to shoot there.
    I did some tests and where the Sony gives me a high quality noise free image with gain at +8, the Canon was too grainy if I wanted to see a good bright picture, gain very high.

    Do you know some solutions...At the end I have to use both images from both cameras in the video editing process. So it's best that they look quite the same.

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    Is there anyway you can get more light on the area by talking to the promoters. Maybe using your own lights rented if need be.

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    I haven't used an XL-2 but I've heard they don't handle low light as well as Sonys, perhaps because of their smaller pixel size / CCD sensing area.

    I assume you've checked things like shutter setting etc, to make sure nothing is impeding the XL-2's light-gathering capabilities.

    No other suggestions really except to identify the types of shots the GL2 does best and try to stick to them, leaving other shots for the Sony. And of course adding more light like westie says - that would be the best option of all. In any case it might pay to make sure the person who is paying understands that low light equals low quality video.
    Dave Owen

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    James Nelson

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    Use the Sony. It has a lux 1 rating whereas the XL2 is lux7 I think. Do a white balance and use flood lighting.


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