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    Wireless Mic for my Digital Camcorder


    I'm new here and have received some great advice in the Video forum. I just bought the Canon Elura 100 last night for taping video for my web site at work. I have to follow around a professional poker player at a tournament while he interviews some well-known folks. This player has a love of wireless mics and I'm in need of one for the new camcorder I purchased.

    Can someone suggest an economical one (around $150) that will work with my camcorder and still get some decent sound?

    Many thanks in advance for your help!

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    Sorry I can't recommend a specific model in your price range, but I will point out one thing regarding wireless mics.... It's very useful (some would say it's essential) to have a dual-channel transmission system. This means the mic transmits on two channels simultaneously and the receiver automatically uses the channel with the strongest signal.

    The reason this is so important is that any transmission will almost certainly have occasional drop-outs, especially if you are moving around. With a dual-channel system you virtually eliminate this problem.
    Dave Owen


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