Living in San Diego, California, USA, I am not too far from the real "Hollywood". With the power of technology, you too are closer than you think to the “digital Hollywood”. This is an example of a group of Finns share their model for Star Trek spoof success and perhaps for Hollywood box office success.
Rich media-streaming media is a part of- is reaching every corner of our communication. It is being used for personal and/or business communications.

As broadband access grows, software and hardware improve, prices drop and the “last mile bottlenecks” disappear, many more people with enjoy fuller, richer web based communications interchangeably on all platforms and all devices.
One company that is "Unifying and Simplifying" our digital life is VMDirect. A Las Vegas base communications company. On May 6th 2006, in the presence of 1316 of their associates, they launched Version 5 of their web based communication tools and several hardware prototypes (Set-top box, video cameras). Among the software is a video based social networking site. You can pre-register here.

A unique thing about VMDirect is that their marketing model allows you to benefit financially from just using these communication tools (should you want to).

Another fun site, I came across recently is this guy from France (Europe), whose CV has now been viewed by over 1,000,000 people. See what he did below:

If you are thinking, what can I do with rich media or how can I use it in my business or for personal communication, contact me.

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