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    Dynamic or Condenser?

    I am currently trying to decide whether to use a dynamic or condenser microhone for a live classical recital. I am planning to record it and want the best quailty without a lot of feedback. EV has released two new mics the Raven (dynamic) and the Cardinal (condeser). Does anyone have any advice about either of these? They are supposed to be good for studio and live applications.

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    I don't think I can split them. They both look like good mics and I'm sure either would be fine. I think the detailed specs might be more important than whether they are dynamic or condenser, e.g. frequency response, directional characteristics etc.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful.
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    condensor for your purpose. rode has some decent mics in the lower price range. keep in mind that you'll need phantom power so make sure you have those capabilities or that the mic runs on batteries- akg c1000s for instance or the small daul-diaphram rodes stereo mic (nt4 i think- two diaphrams in a fixed xy pattern).
    feedback results due to "sound loop" which is caused by the mic "re-picking up" it's own sound from a speaker (that's about as un-technical as i can put it). for your purposes i wouldn't think this is an issue unless you are monitoring your recording, loudly, next to where your mic is placed- which is something you wouldn't do in this case.
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    condensers usually will pick up a lot more feedbak

    id say juz get anything directional tho n it will work, preferably hypercardiod

    rodes get feedback easilly, so unless u plan on giving ur audience all headphones, u cant amp the sound to them

    a simple sm57 or sm58 will prolly b sufficient, or the new behringer xm dynamics that r juz 20 bucks are pretty good (surprizingly)

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    i personally like condenser mics coz i think they are better at sound quality. but i think the specs count more. can u send me the specs.

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    i dont think there will be much posibility tho to use a condensor with any speakers on in the building because they pick up sooo much feedback.

    but i guess the main thing you will need to look at is the polar graph, which type of pick up pattern is it? If its a hypercardiod then as long as you dont have speakers behind you, a condenser might be fine, just might. If its cardiod, then there is no way in hell a condenser will work for a live application unless its really freaking close to your mouth and vary little preampage is going on.

    The cardinal is a cardiod condenser so you will have many feedback problems if you try to use this, and the raven is a cardiod but dynamic microphones are nt as hott as condensers. Blue claims that they could be used for live situations, but no-one ever takes up these claims. Its always a shure mic, or a sometimes youll see a senn hypercardiod because they have an even better pickup pattern, so most non old school engineers will go that.

    You can try it, but idk how well those mics will do, never seen those before.

    I guess if your going to record it, you might not have speakers on and just listening to the feed through headphones, the condensor might be your bet. But still, if your going to record classical, you will want a RIBBON mic for each instrument and high spl mics for drums. That will give you alot better quality

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    Regarding feedback: Scout the location, figure out if it provides ample room for sound to expand and ample absorption so it isn't reflected back to the center of the stage. My high school's theatre was horrible in this regard and I needed to ride the levels of everything to prevent feedback and nothing sounded good (mainly due to the required mix of live acoustic and live electric/amplified -- kids who play drums with full force on stage with kids who sing very quietly or playing electric guitars with sensitive pickups)
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    Hmmm what kind of classical recital? Is it a guitar ensemble? A few violinists? Well it'll be really helpful for us to know what instruments/type of orchestra will be featured so as to give our thoughts to this matter...

    In general, recordings are usually done with condensers unless it's live recording on Wembly with some rock singer singing into his mic with tons of speakers, fullback monitors and stuff... even so they might give him a condenser handheld!
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    Also note that if your live show doesn't have any live speakers or live mix, you won't have to worry about feedback (that much... it can still happen through a series of glitch-like events, but it's safe to say that it won't, oh and keep your headphones turned down )
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