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    Panasonic AG 455 camcorder manual


    Could you find me a manual for the Panasonic AG 455 camcorder?

    I use this Camcorder for my chuches' cable access program. I think this model is 15 or 20 years old!! It does not provide a very good picture but it is what I have. It does have some manual controls. I would like to get the most out of it.

    I usually have to set up about 45 feet from my subject and zoom all the way in (12X.) So I think if I set up the apurture and shutter correctly I could get a better shot. Or maybe not... But if I had a manual at least I might know that.

    I only seem to be able to white balance in manual mode so that is another reason to keep that setting. But I am not confident in my eye for focus so I am used to letting the auto focus decide things or me.


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    I tried my best but I couldn't find the AG-455. We do have the AG-456 in our manual database though - it's possible that it could be close enough for your needs. Sorry I couldn't find the exact one.
    Dave Owen

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    Thank you!!
    The AG 456 is basically the AG 455 with a manual Zoom (as well as the rocker button control of the zoom.)


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