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    I have a friend. Recently,he buy a Sony Ericsson phone.I hear he need to audio/video convert software.who can tell him the best program?or the site of software?

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    I have a W600i, and I can get the video off of the phone onto my computer and into an editing software without haveing to convert it at all. I just use the programs the phone came with.

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    I came across a great little program that converts an avi file into the file type thats supported by the phone your going to send it to. Eg; you choose the avi file from your computer and then choose what type of phone you will be sending it to and it converts it into the right format (mp4,3gp etc).

    I cant remember where i got it from but the name of the program is "3GP_converter.exe".
    Do a google search for that name and you should find it.

    I've converted some video files with it and it works ok but have not had the oppertunity to send them to a video capable phone yet.

    You have to remember that the end file size usually needs to be a certain size to send to a phone so it may mean clipping the original avi file down to a smaller/shorter size before you convert it with that program.
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    thanks a million.


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