I do the cable access program for my church. Most of the time I have to be located 45 feet from the pulpit. It is hard to get an acceptable picture at this distance. It gets used anyway, but I would like to get a better picture.

I use an older camera which does not help. It is a Panaconic AG 455 P which I check out from the cable access studio. I connect that to an S-VHS VCR (JVC s-vhs ET) which also gets an audio feed from a sound board. The AG 455 does have limited manual controles. I also use a little 13" cheapo TV as a monitor.

I think that there must be special lighting tricks which would improve this shot. As it is the manual controles on the camera don't improve things much. At this distance the manual focus might as well be controlled by the auto focus. But I think that lighting could be set up to improve the way the auto focus works. I also know that bad lighting can mess up the picture, both the colors (bleeding red!) and the sharpness of the image.

So, does any one have any pointers? (I am also interested in an ideal camera for this distance but that probably is a different thread...)