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    Space on a Mac for Editing a feature length movie

    I am purchasing a Mac probably with final cut pro for editing. I was wondering what would be the suggested amount of space for my desktop when editing a feature length film.

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    You will want the largest you can afford but at the very least get a 120gb hdd. A larger one would be better.
    You need room to store the original files, edited files plus rendered files etc.

    I edited my sisters wedding video.
    I've got a 160gb 2nd hard drive and 80gb main hd for os.
    I used two cameras to film the wedding.
    One file was 90gb's (wide angle of reception), the close up of the ceremony and reception video was 20gb and the wide angle of the ceremony was 20 gb's. Thats 130gb's. I used my main hd (80gb's) to store rendered files on.
    As you can see it adds up.
    I used analogue cameras and used the Huffy codec for compressing the files so thats why they were quite large.
    Dv files will be smaller in size.

    I'd reccommend the largest Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm with a 8mb cache you can afford.
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    yep, that sums it up I think... the most drive space you can afford (unless you're insanely wealthy).

    The resolution will make a big difference. Are you planning on doing this in high-definition, suitable for theatrical release? I've only done a few experiments in HD but I was surprised by the disk space required. It's a big step up.
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