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    Msn Usb Streaming

    i have a sony camcorder DCR-TRV250... and i tried using it with my msn messenger to stream video...i installed drivers and everything works...however, when i start video conversation everything is good for about 3-4 min.. then the camera just turns off... i have no idea why it does this... i mean everything works friends are able to see me and they say the quality is great..its just that the stupid camera turns off!!! so i am only able to use it until it turns off....PLEASE HELP ME !!! can somebody please tell me why it turns off?? i thought that that it was because the LCD screen was open it just turns off to save energy... but i also tried it with the LCD closed and no luck...

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    Is there a tape in the camera? If so, take it out.
    Dave Owen

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    you need to set it to usb stream. there is an option in one of the menus on the camera to turn it on.


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