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    Great effort Dave!!!!!! Don't feel alone, I've stumped several audio experts on this one. Quite frankly, I'm giving up too. . .lol . . . Hope I have the opportunity to use this forum again. It's great! I'll pass the word around about you guys and maybe work to get more audio engineers to join; perhaps, it'll take some of the weight off of your shoulders. Have a great weekend!!! And, thanks again!!

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    Hey thanks, we could certainly use some help from more audio engineers. Although we do have a few knowledgeable members (who seem to have abandoned us at the moment), it would help a lot to have a few more experts on board.

    Sorry we couldn't be more helpful in the end. Thanks though - I learnt a few things about 8-bit files in the process.
    Dave Owen

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    i m using tascam (mixer) and sound forge and i m doing the same procedure for ivr but i ll send u samples they r good plz send me ur sample and email address mine is

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    I'm an old-school engineer, and I don't know much about today's recording programs (I only ever use protools LE bundled with Avid sometimes, otherwise I still use my Sony 24-track 2-inch) but I think maybe you miss something here. If your client is a phone company, and you are doing voice -overs, maybe the recordings will be used over phonelines, in which case 8 bit at 11.025kbps is sufficient, and should probably sound like a telephone. The distortion will likely be covered up by the fact that phone lines only have an audible bandwidth of 500hz to about 3.5khz. If the telco plans to use your vo's this way it may be better to just eliminate the other freqs at the start; that way, in theory, anyway, you won't really need all that digital bandwidth to start with, and maybe find a recording program that records at 11k 8-bit. Just a thought.
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