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    Brightness/Contrast change over multiple frames: Imageready

    I'm trying to create an animated gif, some 20 frames in length-- but I know how to do that much. What I want to do is change the brightness and contrast in unison for them.

    That said, I tried using that ridiculous help option in the program that reads like latin.
    This is what I think it said about it:
    * The unify buttons determine how the changes you make to a layer in the active state or frame apply to the other states in a rollover or frames in an animation. When a unify button is selected, changes apply to all states and frames; when a button is deselected, changes apply to only the active state or frame.
    * The Layer > Match command lets you apply the layer attributes for an existing state or frame to other states in a rollover and frames in an animation.

    WHAT? I tried turning on the features before and after the frame adjustment, same for the "match" option. All it does is either replace every frame with the current one, or just manipulates the one itself.

    In short-- 20 frames-- all I want to do is pick them all at the same time, and use the exact same setting for the bri/con. (Oh, and simply selecting them all just turns OFF the feature.) I don't want to have to adjust each and every single one separately.

    Help, please!

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    I tried this and I also couldn't get the brightness/contrast to work on multiple layers at once. However I was able to get the gamma adjustment working by selecting multiple frames. I don't know if this would be suitable but it might work.
    Dave Owen


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