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Thread: Lense size

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    Lense size

    As an extreem novice to judging camcorders I tend to think a bigger lense means a better camera. IS THIS TRUE?

    I tried a little Panasonic PV GS 300. It worked very well. BUT IT HAS A TINY LITTLE LENSE!! I have read a lot about the Canon XL camcorders recently. I have come to realize the operation of these cameras is far beyond my knowledge. But what got me interested in the cameras was the really cool look of the camera. And the lense looks like some kind of incredable piece of equipment. But it really is not a top of the line lense as it has sevo moters controling its' movements.

    Are there actually benifits to a small lense? I suspect they are less suscptable to problems from the sun getting into the lense (like a lense burst and over exposure.) Maybe a small lense can work better with digital gain for low light conditions? Maybe a small lense has a different stylisitic quality?

    Or are large lenses always better....? (light collecting abilities and controle of image.)

    I thank you for your advice in advance, rubrick2006

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    I can't think of any advantages a small lens has other than being small. Small is good if that's what you need , i.e. lightweight and convenient.

    By and large I think large lenses will be better. Of course the real deciding factor is the quality of the lens. Carl Zeiss lenses have an excellent reputation.

    Consumer and pro-sumer level cameras never have top-of-the line lenses. The best lenses are too expensive. To be honest I think the choice of lens is only one not-so-significant factor in deciding which camera to buy. As long as the lens is reasonable quality, other factors add up to being more important.
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    There are a lot of screw on telephoto lense attachments available. I would think that there would be slight incompatabilities with the automatic adjustments in a camera. Focal lengnths would change or something making the auto iris or other automatic features malfunction.

    Or maybe those kind of features just don't care aso long as light comes in the lense...


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