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    ? Best camera and equipmant when subject is 50 feet away?


    As I have stated in previous posts I usually have to set up about fifty feet from my subject.


    At this distance I think a replacement camera would need an extra fine focus compared to regular cameras. Maybe finer controls of the iris and other controls would also help. There must be different types of auto focus mechanisms. There must be an auto focus type that is best suited for this distance.

    Would other features help? Would some features like intelligent auto focus actually make things worse?


    A better monitor would display the full resolution of the camera and make focusing easier. Would this have to be a monitor that can receive a signal via S-Video cable or could this higher then NTSC signal be transmitted via an RF cable?

    I have access to an old monitor that has an S-video input but my cheap monitor displays a better picture then this old thing. But maybe the cheap monitor just looks better and is actually displaying an inaccurate image with some kind of computer enhancement....

    An LCD flat screen would be nice as I could place it right in front of me between me and my subject.. At Radio Shack they have a couple of little monitors that are neat. I think they are inadequate but maybe I am wrong. They have threaded holes on the bottom and could be mounted on tripods. They have internal batteries and mount on chargers.

    The Axion 3.5" LCD tv has an A/V input includes an s-video strand on the input wire. Kinda small though. It's water proof! I dont think it tunes that accurately though.

    The Axion 8" only has an RF input. It also has a digital camera card reader. If RF cables can transmit a picture with a higher resolution then NTSC this could be a nice monitor.

    The above are cheap: both are $149.00 I suspect they are inadequate.

    Any suggestions for small monitors with nice resolution? I have to admit that I don't like the resolution on any video monitor I have used, including Pro level equipment (studio cameras on a dolly.) They are never going to get as crisp as say, a 35mm SLR still camera.

    Here is a link to a thread here at mediacollege on monitor (in video greek!!!): Is all that necessary?

    I thank you in advance for any advice.

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    Regarding focus, manual focus is the only way to go. There is no such thing as an auto-focus system which will give reliable results.

    A decent monitor will certainly help a lot. My personal opinion is that any reasonable-quality LCD screen is probably adequate, but many people will strongly disagree with me. Some camera operators will only work with high-end CRT monitors and I respect that.

    You will find that professionals tend to prefer working with black and white monitors because it's actually easier to focus with monochrome than colour.

    Try to avoid RF if possible. It's not as good quality and prone to interference.
    Dave Owen

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    Thanks for you advice.

    I am thinking that with a 12X zoom I have no real depth of focus. I think if I got a 2X Telephoto attachement it would increase my depth of focus and make it easier to focus manually.

    I am thinking that a camera with a good size lense and 20X zoom like the GL2 would be a good camera for me.

    Last weekend I tried the little 3-CCD panasonic PV GS 300. It produced a dark picture with little detail. Using this little lensed (37mm) camera made me have a bit more respect for the Panasonic AG 455 with it's 49mm lens!

    Maybe I should put a larger diameter lens attachement on a smaller lensed camera. That could give it better light gathering abilities. I think....


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