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    Mpeg2 into DVD - quality loss

    I have a source footage in MPEG2 format. Unfortunately I can not get it in DV format. I edit it with adobe premiere and do the needfull. Then I make a dvd out of it, but the quality of the output clip is worse, than the quality of the input clip. So I guess the premiere compresses the clip once more. How can I avoid it ? Or let's say to create a dvd without another compression ?

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    There will always be some re-compression after you've edited it - this is unavoidable with MPEG because it uses inter-frame compression. The best you can hope for is something very close to the same quality you started with.

    Have you been through all the MPEG encoder settings and made sure they are the maximum possible?

    I've found that Premiere isn't the best at burning to DVD. If you have Encore DVD it's much better. I could be wrong here but I don't think Premiere calculates the space/compression required before burning. Encore DVD analyses the video files and calculates the maximum quality it can use while still fitting all the files on the DVD.
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