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    Sorry if this question is answered elsewhere, didn't see... I'm new to home recording, I have a four track cassette recorder which needs to be mixed down to a 2 track, can I use my regular cassette deck for this mix down. I'm not all familiar yet with the ins and outs, thanks for answering...

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    You use the best audio editing software. ex.. cool edit

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    You can use a regular cassette deck to record the output from the four-track (i.e. connect the two decks together and play from the 4-track to the 2-track), but you can't play a 4-track tape in a regular 2-track deck (if you do so you will only hear two of the tracks).
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    Mixing from 4 track cassette to 2 track cassette is a pretty noisy way to go. It would be better doing it in a PC with an audio editor (like FlexiMusic Audio Editor). Then burn to a CD.


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