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    difference between focus

    hi, i want to know the difference between video focus and photograph focus

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    It's basically the same thing. Is there something in particular you don't understand or are having trouble with?
    Dave Owen

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    I am not an expert or evan really a novice, but I have a book that claims that there is a major difference between what they call "Camcorder" lenses and "Cinamatic" lenses.

    Basically a "Camcorder" lens is controled by servos and any adjustments you make are unrepeatable. A "Cinamatic" lens is capable of precise, repeatable ajustments. The "Cinamatic" lens has marks on it like a 35mm SLR lens. The point they make is if you are seting up a shot and want to make more then one take you want a "Cinamatic" lens. On the other hand "Camcorder" lenses will give a more "live" and "Impromptue" feel to a shot.

    I don't think a cinamatic lens is available for under $1000 so you probably have a "Camcorder" lens. Try this keeping your hand on your focus ring:
    1.) manually focus on an object,
    2.) manually through your lens out of focus,
    2.) turn on the auto focus,
    3.) turn the auto focus off
    4.) focus on something else
    6.) focus on the original object.
    Your focus ring will be in a different position then when you started. This is because the auto focus moved the lenses with out moving the focus ring.

    This weekend I am using a camera that has a zoom that is a little of both. It has rocker button, servo controled zoom. But a lever marked with focal lengths moves when the servo is activated. I checked out a camera of this modal a couple of years ago and the servo stopped working. BUT I COULD STILL USE THE LEVER!! It is good for snap zooms but I needed a slow zoom, so I missed the servo operation.

    But this book is more talking about Iris and focus when differentiating between what it calls "Camcorder" and "Cinamatic" lenses.

    There is also something mentioned about a "Camcorder" zoom lens operating with internal lenses you can't see and a "Cinamatic" lens operating more like zoom binoculars with external lens movements. I may have that bit wrong....

    The book is titled "The Videomaker guide to digital video and DVD production" It seems to be a collection of articles from Digital Videomaker Magazine.


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