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Thread: Sound question?

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    Sound question?

    To get the best sound in movie on a small budget? Would a wireless microphone system be better than a Boom microphone?

    The price range for wireless is maybe 200, but some boom mikes range from 109 to 200.


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    The best sound will depend on several factors but the quality of the microphone itself will be the most important.

    A wireless system has the obvious advantage of getting closer to the action if required, but it won't do you much good if it's a nasty microphone. I assume you're looking at a whole system, i.e. the wireless transmitter, receiver and mic all in one package. If so, it's not likely to be very high quality. Cheap wireless systems are also problematic - you may find that the transmission system isn't completely reliable in some situations.

    I would recommend a boom mic. It's safer and likely to be a better mic since you're paying only for the mic and not the transmission system. If you need to get the mic closer to the action, just use a separate sound recorder and take that with the mic.
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