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    What's Your Favorite Camera(s)


    I have been looking at the many cameras out there. I am bewildered!!!

    The biggest problem is: of the few cameras I can actually get my hands on and use, I still only get to use them a little! I'm seriously thinking of traveling to B&H in New York City to actually put my hands on some of these cameras, as they are not available in my area!!! There are a lot of specifications available to me on the internet, but what do they really mean? (and what is missing from the specs!!!)

    Please tell me what your favorite camera is and WHY. Maybe even choose your favorite camera in different price ranges, like over $10,000, over $1,000 and under $1,000. Or maybe a manual lens camera and a servo controled lens camera. Light, palm sized cameras verses cameras with a shoulder mount (both have advantages right?)

    THANK YOU FOR INDULGING ME!!! (...and thanks for the great web site Dave!!!)

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    I can't offer you much in the way of a personal recommendation because none of the cameras I use are what you're looking for. At home I use a cheap camcorder (which I hope to replace later this year) and at work I use prohibitively expensive TV cameras.

    Some of the cameras I've had my eye on include Sony's HDR-FX1 and HDR-HC3, and Canon's XL H1. There were also a couple of Panasonics that looked like good value.

    My biggest problem is finding a cheap enough camera which simulates professional features well, e.g. nice focus and iris rings. I get put off by those finicky dials and buttons - I find them hard to use.

    If you don't need HD and don't mind second-hand, it could be worth looking into that market. Quite a few production companies are selling off standard-definition cameras as they go HD. You might be able to get a nice professional camera for around the same price as a new consumer-level or semi-pro camera.

    Things I like:
    Shoulder-mounted - it's easier and steadier.
    Big, easy-to reach controls.
    Big viewfinder.
    Good audio inputs and controls, preferably XLR inputs.
    Smooth iris control.

    I know what you mean about getting hands-on experience with a camera. I'd never buy one without trying it first but I have to travel for two hours to find a showroom with a good selection.
    Dave Owen

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    Hi Dave

    Thanks for the reply.

    I put this post up because I thought maybe the directness of my other posts was causing people to think they did not have anything to contribute.

    I am genuinely interested in your favorite camera. If you want to suggest something for a particular purpose I have other threads started (best camera for 50 feet, etc..)

    I have some how gotten involved with this video stuff and I am going to buy a camera for my self, just because I actually know enough to be dangerous. I might as well get some gear!! But I have no idea what I would use it for at this point.

    I think the XL2 looks really cool but will it be what I actually want...? The Sony DSR200 looks more practical, but it's heavy. I may buy a Sony TRV27 from a friend for $200 bucks. For my church I am thinking of a GL2, Sony VX2100, or a Panasonic DCV7(for the practicality of it.)

    Maybe an XL2 with a fully manual lens is my fantasy camera, but I don't know.... I will probably buy a VX2100...

    So seriously what is the camera you LOVE!!!! ..or maybe would LOVE to own... I know, your favorite is probably a $40,000 pro rig. Which one???Maybe there is some studio camera on a dolly that was your best experience...

    What about a Frankenstein's monster made of a 3 chip surveillance camera and a portable hard drive? OR A PXL 2000!!!

    I asked a guy who hangs around the cable access station what his favorite camera was. He pulled out this digital still camera the size of a deck of cards!! He say it records 15 minutes of video and he plans to make a movie with it!!! Call him a low fidelity video enthusiast.

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    Quote: rubrick2006
    So seriously what is the camera you LOVE!!!! ..or maybe would LOVE to own...
    How about one of these babies...

    Our guys at work are using XDCam for field shoots but sadly I've only had a few brief plays on them so far. I'm hoping to spend more time with one of them some time in the next year or so. The guys who use them rave about them, and they sure do seem nice to use with great pictures.

    I've captured XDCam material directly to my laptop - the whole process was very easy to set up and use. I was able to control the camera from the laptop pretty easily IIRC.

    BTW, this is actually the first TV camera I've used which has a flip-out LCD screen. At last!

    At the moment an HD XDCam would have to be near the top of my fantasy list to own.
    Dave Owen

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    Great! I learnt a lot from your conversations. Actually I'm also looking for a camera for my panel. I have a plan to setup my editing panel within 15days. I heard Sony DSR 400 is aprofessional DV cam which can capture broadcast quality photography. I dont know whether this is correct or not. My budget around USD 6000/=. I can also spend a little high if there is any better facility available. How about HD cam? Is it more expensive? How much an entry level professional camera(compare to DSR 400) will cost? any idea?

    Keep continue on this pl.

    by the way it is a very helpful site DAVE for us who's knowledge is very poor. Keep it up.




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