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    Web site Search Engine.

    Hi all,

    I stumbled upon this site looking for a web site search engine.
    I quite like the one you are using on your main site (i.e. not the forum powered one) - can you tell me who's code it is?

    It may be the FDSE from Fluid Dynamics ( but I thought I would ask.

    Ideally I would like a Search Engine that allows thumbnail previews, but I like the way yours has been implemented.

    Thanks in advance. I'll have a proper look through your site when I've got a bit more time

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    Thanks for the comments. You're right - it is indeed FDSE. It's a great search engine - the only limitation is that it starts to splutter when the database reaches around 10,000 pages. If that's not a concern then I recommend it.
    Dave Owen

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    Thanks for that - I'll have a play with FDSE; it's been a few years since I used it.

    (I'm about 9,500 pages away from it spluttering )



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