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    young filmmaker w/ some questions...

    hi everyone...I'm Amanda. and I have written a screenplay to an action film, anyway, I'm wanting to learn about every aspect of filmmaking in order to make my film to the best of it's potential...can anyone answer a microphone question??? (simply??)

    is a range of 70-18,000 Hz for a Shotgun Mic...good?? or bad??

    thanks so much!!

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    Hi Amanda
    Simply, it's not bad. Keep in mind that the most articulation in the human voice is at about 1,000hz (1khz), and how much you capture above and below that is what determines the richness. I don't know of any mics with the response you mention, 70-18,000hz, but I think it would be more than adequate for most applications. Most shotguns have a little better response, like 40hz to 20,000hz (20khz), but few people can tell the difference between 70-18khz and 40-20khz anyway, especially in film, (unless you are recording a rumbling train or thunder and want the full effect on a surround system, and even then a sampled software library is cheaper and easier). If you are interested, an industry standard shotgun mic is the Sennhieser MKH418S, or an Audio-Technica AT815b, both of which are 40-20khz.

    I certainly wish you the best with your screenplay.
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    Hi Amanda. I was just wondering what school you chose to learn filmmaking/screenwriting? I just graduated with a BA in English, but I've yet to find a film-school I both like AND can afford.

  4. #4 i said, I'm a young filmaker...I'm still in highschool. but, if you find any schools that are really great...I'd love to hear what is new with you??


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