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Thread: PC or MAC

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    PC or MAC

    I have a couple of projects that I have been wanting to do for some time (one is a documentary series on evolutionary microbiology; I am also looking at being able to do training videos for my work--health insurance industry). I have looked at AVID software (starting out with Avid Free DV software and moving up to Avid Xpress Studio Complete).

    I am currently looking at getting a DELL Precision Workstation 690 with two dual core 3.73 processors with 4 GB of memory and several SCSI harddrives (15K rpm). (1) Is there a comparable MAC? (2) Is there a better MAC? I haven't spent any money yet but want to get the best computer I can in a similar price range. I am looking at getting a Canon XL2 camcorder. I'd love to get a Canon XL-H1 camcorder but at present I don't think I can afford it (Anyone want to give me one?). (3) Is it really worth twice the price?

    (4) I would like to know about using macro lenses on an XL2 and/or being able to use it with microscopes. Even though most of my work wouldn't be using this feature, I would like to know about this before I head off in one direction or another.

    Also, I have been looking at ToonBoom 2D animation software and would like to combine video with animation in some of my projects. (5) Would I be able to do this with the hardware and software I've been talking about?

    Currrently, it looks like I will be getting my computer before the camcorder but I am open to changing that around. Hopefully, you will be able to give me some insight into how I set myself up.


    P.S. It's been a long time since I've done video work (I was using a Sony PortaPak reel-to-reel black and white camera then). Things sure have changed. You can do so much more and with much more ease too.

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    Regarding the PC vs Mac debate, my standard line is that you should make the decision based on which software you prefer, not which hardware is best. For example, Adobe Premiere is PC-only and Final Cut Pro is Mac-only. I think Avid Xpress Studio is PC/WinXP-only (?).

    As a rule, I believe Macs are better but more expensive for the same hardware/software. These days I think the differences are minor enough that it's not too important which is "best", just get what you prefer.

    I don't really know anything about ToonBoom 2D but I had a quick look at their site. I couldn't find exactly which formats they support but judging from their publicity I think it's safe to say it would be no problem. All they have to do is be able to export in a common format such as DV. I did see some Quicktime demos so you could import them into your projects if necessary.

    Sorry I can't comment on the microscope question - I don't know the answer.
    Dave Owen

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    Are you sure that using a conventional camera is the way to go? I have used the intel microscope in education and have found it easy to use with both PC and Mac.

    I hope the link may be of help as you would have a requirment for greater magnification.

    New Apple computers run both pc and mac software.


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