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    Fixed camera location

    I have a sport fishing boat in which we want to affix cameras in three permanent locations. What I see most people are using are the Sony lipstick cams with 520 res. My question is what should I be using to both view the video real time and what form of recording devise should I use for a/v?

    From what I see we should have a form of multiplexer for the cameras to connect into and either a Sony Mini GVD1000 or something like a digital video recorder. Do I need to have a separate recording devise for each camera or can it record into one unit with a multplexer attached or combined within the unit? We will want to edit our footage for our web site or for commercial viewing.

    Many thanks for any advise.


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    Unless there are types of multiplexers I don't know about (quite possible), they provide two options:

    (1) Let you switch which video camera is being recorded, just like a vision switcher.
    (2) Feed all camera videos into the same recorder, with each video feed taking up a portion of the screen (this is what you see in security camera situations).

    I don't think either of these options will suit you, so I would recommend a separate recording device for each camera. You could use a cheap camcorder with line-in or Firewire as a recording device, but I would certainly do some trials first. If there's much vibration they might not work well. Otherwise you could use record decks or even computers (again, vibration might be a problem).
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