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Thread: Hullo! :)

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    Hullo! :)

    My name is Clara, I have just signed up. I was looking for some help with ImageReady and somehow come across this site, and pleased I did of course!

    I am extremely internet active! I am addicted to Photoshop and ImageReady also, and I am online very much So I look forward to meet people!=))

    I am of course, also addicted to James and Oliver Phelps-- Though this is not relevant so I shall keep it under my hat!

    This site is very resourceful and good- I look forward to explore some more!


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    Hey Clara--just happen to read your post cause mine is right below yours--Welcome---this looks like a cool place--I am primarily interested in video (thinking of adobe premiere) but am also trying to get to know photoshop better---the tutorials confuse me...anyway just thought I would say --HEY..

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    Thanks guys and welcome to the forum!

    Nice work on your site Clara. Not that the topic is hugely interesting for me, but well done anyway .
    Dave Owen

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    Hey Clara cool web site--just had time to glance at it--will check it out later...I can't tell from the quick look at the site if you are into anime or not---if so let me know. I have a friend and that is all she does is anime videos...

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    Hello! Thank you for the lovely comments!
    I do like Anime and Manga I love to draw! Though there is not a lot of Anime on my site, it mostly just random things
    Thank you for the comments! And thank you for looking at my site, despite that it is very select!

    Clara xx

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    I would love to learn those glitter drawings...Does it require expensive software?? Or can you down load it...What do you use...???? I could not get the doll thingee to work...for what ever reason...Dave's comments were exceptionally nice since it really isn't a "guys" kind of site but he appreciated the cool tech aspects of it...LOL...

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    Ahh no, the glitter images are very easy to make in photoshop and imageready -
    all you have to do is make a selection of that which you would like to glitter,
    and then make 3 new layer copies of that selection. Then fill the selection of each layer with noise.
    Then in imageready, make 4 frames, and each one, have your background image and then one of the layer copies, as -

    Frame 1 - background and layer copy 1
    Frame 2- background and layer copy 2
    Frame 3 - background and layer copy 3
    Frame 4 - Background and layer copy 2

    And then play the animation, and see what it look like You can always switch some the layer copies to make the glitter different
    And also if you wish you may add stars, to make sparkle more

    I hope this makes some sense I am not so good to explain

    Ah yes, I have had some problems with my doll maker... it work in some browsers but not others... I will try and track down problem, but thank you for feedback!

    Clara xx
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    See above where it said I don't know squat???? Go slow please---I am not familar with image ready--do you buy it or down load it for free??? Which photoshop are you using??? Thanks....

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    hey people!!! i like this site!!! almost a bible for me

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    Hey James, welcome and thanks
    Dave Owen


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