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    Jeff Longo

    Balanced vs unbalanced need advice

    New to the board and recording, i am trying to record on (i have read this board and others to find the answer)

    Yamaha Keyboard (entry level) with Phones output (balanced)
    Digitech VX400 vocal processor
    *intrument line in total of 1 (unbalanced 1/4")
    *Line input total of 2 (2 unbalanced inputs 1/4")
    *Balanced out (2 XLR outputs: Balanced)
    *Mono outputs (2 unbalanced outputs)
    Tascam DP-01 8 track digital recorder
    *2 unbalanced inputs

    when i record directly into the Tascam or thru the processor i am unable to PAN left or right when i try to mix. I am using a unbalanced jack to go from the key to the Digitech then only an unbalanced XLR to 1/4 to the recorder.

    I realize that the unbalanced connection i am using is only getting half the signial.
    I can go from the keyboard using a balanced 1/4 that splits to 2 unbalanced 1/4 to in the 1 unbalanced inputs of the Digitech.
    But if i come out of the digitech with 2 XLR to 1/4 into the unbalanced inputs of the Tascam (that would be using both of the Tascam inputs) will this work? When i mean work is will it still be balanced and will i be able to PAN given that i am coming out balanced into unbalanced?

    Thank you very much for your time!!!

    Jeff longo

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    The minute you come out of the keyboard headphone jack you are dealing with "unbalanced" signal above line level, and it may be true stereo or it may be just two monos. The processor has two stereo 1/4" inputs (tip/ring/sleeve, but not balanced), if I'm not mistaken, and two stereo 1/4" outs (TRS,unbalanced) as well. Go from the keyboard to ONE (the left)of these inputs using a tip/ring/sleeve cable. Then go from ONE (the left) of the stereo 1/4" outs (also tip/ring/sleeve) with a cable that splits it to two mono 1/4" jacks to the recorder's two unbalanced 1/4" inputs. Arm trcks 1 and 2, and pan them odd and even. This may be confusing, but you never record left/right on this type of deck. When you play back the two tracks they will be stereo, and you can pan them any way you want. I don't know what keyboard you have, but the "stereo" headphone jack may not really even be stereo, but the VX400 does produce some true stereo effects.
    You should study the tutorial on this site about balanced/unbalanced wiring, also.
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