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    how to make layers in photo shop

    I need to fade a picture so i beleive i need to make a layer paint it white and adjust to opasity or something in this layer. so my questions is hoe to make a layer and how to over lap the original picture. or is there a better way to fade out a picture. the reason is i need to fade a clients picture to use as a background on a business card.
    Thanks for any help

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    The method I would use is,
    copy the original picture to new layer, (CTRL+J)
    and then fill the 'background' layer in white,
    and then change the opacity of the 'original picture copy' layer until it is fade enough for you and then flatten it,

    or you could make new layer (Shift+CTRL+N) and fill white, and then change opacity this layer. and then flatten it.

    I hope that make some sense It is how I would do it,
    although somebody else may be able help better

    Clara xx


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