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    George Odhiambo

    Daisy channig of speakeers

    Hi! I have asligt problem dealing with how I would in a safe way daisy chain speakers from my amp.Lets say I have a power amp with the abillity to deliever per channel 1300wats into a load of 2Ohms,950w into 4 Ohms & 650watts into 8Ohms with me I have speakers that gives 500watts prog & 2000watts peak being a dual 15" two-way 4Ohms speaker. What would determine the number of speakers that I would have to daisy chain in one channel of my amp. any tips & info concerning this will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    If each side of the amp is safe down to 2 Ohms, then you could run 2 of those speakers off each side of the amp. A lot of amps brag about 2 Ohmoperation, but doing so (especially in the summer) can run the risk of over-heating the amp.... Be careful, though, some amps can;t really deal with a 2 Ohm load for more than a short period of time. Basically it goes like this:

    8 Ohm speaker daisy-chained to 8 Ohm speaker creates a 4 Ohm load on the amps output transformer.... it's not an exact math, though because frequency also plays a part in impedance (when dealing with speakers, they usually find a 'nominal' impedance rating that won't fry your amps if you use it as the speakers impedance).

    If you ran one speaker off one side of the amp, you'd be giving 950 watts to each speaker, if you daisy chained them you' only be putting 650 watts to each speaker. Depending on your speaker's power handling rating, you may be reducing your efficieny by daisy-chaining (if the speakers can handle the 950 watts, you'll get more out of each bx by applying the power to them, if your speakers can't hndle the 950 watts each then daisy chaining would be a better option because each speaker would be getting close to the power that it can handle without going over.)

    There is a world of argument to the power-efficiency scenario, and sometimes having more speakers with less power to each one can move more air than high powered speakers can.....


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