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Thread: System Hook Ups

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    System Hook Ups

    I have a Eurodesk MX 3282A (mixing board), Lexicon MX200 (effects processor) and also a dbx 266XL (Compressor/Gate) with a shure SM 58 mic, I would like to know how do i hook this up. I 'm running a digital recording system, Thanks A lot

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    J Kels

    System Hook Ups

    How do i hook everything to the mixing board


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    put the mic in channel 1
    get an insert cable (Stereo jack to 2 mono jacks) and plug your insert cable into the insert connector on the channel with sm58 (no.1 in your case) plug the other ends into the in and out of your dbx
    connect your lexicon on one of the sends on the mixer (send 1 for example will go to input of lex, another cable from the lex output to the send return on the mixer, or any other channel for that matter, I don't know what kind of digital recording setup you have so I can't help you there. try stuff out. there's usually nothing to be afraid of as long as you don't turn everything up full to blow your ears when something doesn't work.

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    Here's another idea. Connect aux out 1 to all the outboard gear daisy-chained, and return to an unused channel of the board. Monitor, but don't record that channel, just the dry mix. Add the effects later. That way you aren't stuck with them. It will also force you to develope better micing and gain structure techniques because you won't have the compressor.
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