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    video buffers at same spot in embedded player only

    I am new to streaming video with Windows Media. I've had a video online in an embedded player which has worked pretty well, but I've just re-edited it and now the new version halts at the same spot each time--but only when played in the embedded player. If I launch Media Player separately, it doesn't halt.

    I've tried re-editing and re-publishing to my website, no change. I've tried different coding for embedded players, no change. However, I learned something--at the point where it halts, it is re-buffering.

    I'm not sure where to attack the problem, nor what specific information to provide.

    The video is the demo in the embedded player, here:

    The direct link is:

    Played in the Samples page, on my computer at least, it halts and re-buffers every time it's played between the first and second sample, right after the introductory title "Fundraising", in black before the kid being pulled up over the wall.

    Please help, any suggestions welcome.

    Steve S.

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    Steve S.

    additional info

    I wanted to add yet another "wrinkle"--while this buffering and hesitation occurs in exactly the same place every time, so far I have only seen it happen on *this* computer. It doesn't happen on my iMac, nor on my girlfriend's HP running Windows XP. This doesn't make any sense to me in terms of troubleshooting--it doesn't occur when the Windows Media player is launched separately. It doesn't occur when the same video is converted to other formats, only Windows Media. It doesn't occur on other computers, apparently. And yet, it occurs in exactly the same spot every single time when played inside the embedded player on *this* computer. (And it happened with three different coding versions for embedded Windows Media players.) All of which suggests there is *something* in the video itself.

    The only unusual thing about this particular place in the video is that it begins in black with audio and then fades up to video, so that the audio leads for a second or less. I can't imagine that that would cause the stream to re-buffer.

    All suggestions welcome, this one is really messing with me...
    Steve S.

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    You may have a cache issue. try empty your cahche, and give it a try.

    If it does not solve your problem, it is a very strange situation indeed!.


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