Just received my SONY VX2100 Camcorder the other day. Took the weekend to start getting familiar with it and have noticed a few problems that I am having and wondering if anyone in here might know a solution to this. Here it goes----

Set up - 1 Sony VX2100, Beachtek DXA-4 XLR Adapter, Azden SGM-X Shotgum Mic, Samson Handheld and Lavalier wireless mics. Wireless mics and Azden Shotgum mic are going through the DXA-4 and DXA-4 to the -Audio in - on the camera.

-------------------SIDE NOTE--------------------------------

I do this same set up with my Panasonic AG-DVC30 Camcorder as well

--------------------End Note----------------------------------

My audio on the VX2100 is horrible. Mainly when I attach the Azden Shotgun mic to the shoe port. I get a vibration sounding noise and when I take the mic off the shoe I don't really hear it at all which brings me to another point; the audio is very low coming from the shotgun mic. I change my audio setting to manual to boost the power (sort of speak) and the more you turn it up, the more distorted sounding it gets. This is also having the volume level turned all the way up on my XLR Adapter. Something I have never had to do.

Now, when I do this same set up with my Panasonic, all audio from the shotgun mic and wireless mics are spectacular and are at levels that aren't overdriving.

So what I am wondering is if the hot shoe on the VX2100 has anything to do with why I am getting the humming/vibrations noises or what else might be the cause.

Love the camera, bight it might have to go back if this audio thing isn't resolved. Let me know if I need to clarify anything in this message.