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    A/V Setup for Interviews

    In the near future, I will be purchasing a set of equipment for producing on-site interviews, roughly 5 minutes in length, that will be converted into streaming video (most likely FLV) for the web.

    I am looking for advice on what sort of equipment I will need for this purpose. I realize this is a very big question - I am looking to cover video, lighting, and audio. I am confident in the post-production / editing department.

    Currently, we are looking into a Panasonic AX-DVC30 camera. Past this, I have only vague ideas of what I will need.

    As for an audio setup, would you suggest recording the audio seperate from the video (say, onto a laptop) through a FireWire mixer such as the Roland FA-66, or through a portable mixer and directly into the camera?

    Mostly, I'm looking to get clean audio and a decent picture - obviously if this is going on the web as streaming video, I'm not looking for HD quality picture, nor 5.1 Surround Sound.

    I do, however, want to get crisp audio with clear voices and a little background noise for atmosphere (so it doesn't sound so much like a studio recording voice-over) If someone shifts in their chair, I want to pick it up, but not drown out the rest of the audio with the A/C vents in the ceiling or someone coughing down the hall. Will lap mics do this for me, or will I need a boom for the ambient sound? If I have a decent boom, will I even need the lap mics?

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    (Also posted in the Video forum because this is both an audio and video question)

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    Definately use external mics. I use lavs (Sennhiesers and Shures)when I can through a small mixer (homemade) into a portable 4-track digital recorder (Edirol) slaved to the camara's SMPTE output. I also use a boom mic on track 2, and mix it later in Avid, using a top secret (Wave Rennaisance) plug-in package to get Hollywood quality sound.
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