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    Newbie needs much needed advice

    Hello all, I am completely green when it comes to the topic of coverting my HI8 and VHS tapes to DVD. I have two programs to help do this. Studio8 my dad gave me and Windows Movie Maker 2(which apparently will not send to dvd burner. My problem that I have is when I used the Studio 8 and converted a HI8 tape, using the "best" setting, the final product is still sub standard and not what I would consider very good. Is there something I can do to get very close results? I am using a Dazzle converter switch. Do I need better products or software? PS My first copy on a DVD+R tape plays fine on my computer but is sporadic on my dvd player, am I using the wrong type disc? Thanks so much for your help! John
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    Hi there,
    I've transfered quite a few of my Hi8/8mm tapes to my computer and burned them to dvd and i know theres a few reasons why your conversions maybe not turning out so good.

    First thing is your capture device. Is it usb or a pci tv capture card. The usb converters arent the best (although the latest generation ones are supposed to be alot better but i cant say as i've never used one).

    I use a Leadtek tv2000 deluxe pci capture card and have found the best way is to capture at 384x288 avi using the huffy codec (The files can be very large so make sure you have a big hard drive) then edit it on pinacle/ulead etc and then burn to dvd using mpeg2 codec at 384x288 resolution.

    If you don't want to edit the video then just capture it straight into the mpeg2 format at 384x288 and burn it to dvd at the same settings.

    The reason i use 384x288 is thats about the same size resolution as the original vhs/Hi8/8mm. Trying to capture at full frame 720x576 pal (if your in NZ Oz) or 720x480 ntsc (Usa) just brings on alot of problems you dont need (as in interlaced/deinterlaced, cature device not supporting the full size frame rate etc).
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    Itried some fixes but no good

    Hi I am trying to find out why when I transfer my HI8 tape thru a Dazzle dvc80 and then burn it my audio is not coming out right. I have tried the following, using the Studio 8 software, also the Movie Maker2. I have tried better discs, closing all other programs. I have recently tried to use an adapter that imputs the audio directly into the mic jack by passing the svideo dazzle jack and still the audio comes out distorted. I have also tried several different settings. The preveiw comes out fine but when the disc is burned its the same problems. My dazzle is connected to the laptop via a usb. Thanks for the much needed help! John

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    Did you check the audio quality of the original recordings? If the originals suck, you can't expect them to get better by simply putting them onto your computer.


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