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    Panasonic DVCPRO tape capture problems

    Hi everybody,

    I need to capture Panasonic DVCPRO tape in Premier Pro 1.5 or FCP 5 any of this two software. And when I am trying to capture ther is no video. Video shows on my monitor but in programs there is no video. Can anyone help me? What kind of setting should I use? Is it possible to capture this tape?

    Thanks a lot

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    What is the source - is it a camera or tape deck? Are there any options on the source machine to select different types of output, e.g. DVCPro / standard DV?

    What are the capture settings in your software? If you're trying to capture normal DV it probably won't work. I can't guarantee this but we do have some DVCPro machines at work and I could try some experiments with my laptop there to see what happens.
    Dave Owen

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    Hi Dave

    Hi Dave

    It is DVCAM DSR 11 and the capture setting that I set is all for DVCPro capture. Premier during the capture shows timecode as is on the tape. But ther is no video.

    Thanks a lot

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    I have the same problem!

    Hi All,

    I use to capture video all the time with this DV cam. Now when I "Start Capture", The camera start and the software thinks that it is capturing, but the video does not display on the little monitor in the screen on the software display. My camera screen says "Capture" on it and it's playing along all honky dorry. It creates a file for the video, but I when I go to open it, I get an error saying there is no information to diplay or something like that. I tried it with Studio 9.0 and Windows Movie Maker. same with both programs.


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