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Thread: mpeg2 and avi

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    mpeg2 and avi

    dear users,

    If i purchase a miniDV cam that records film into mpeg2, which is a compressed format, would i loose more quality if i import it into AvidFreeDV and then save the output as mpeg2. is it compressing the allready compressed.

    The camera i have in mind is the Panasonic SDR-S100. its about 600 pounds but useless if the quality is literally, second rate.

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    You will lose some quality but I'm not sure technically how bad it is. In my experience it's actually not much at all, and as long as the source footage is reasonable quality it's really not discernible. I ran some similar tests and was quite happy with the results.

    On the other hand, if you're considering a purchase and you're worried about quality, I would say avoid recording in mpeg if you can. In any case it's not as edit-friendly as DV.
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