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    Time Lapse Video

    I want to shoot a time lapse video of some install work we're doing in our church. I have a Canon GL1. What's the best way to achieve what I'm trying to do?

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    Hello AdamMac12,
    The old fashion way was with a time lapse tape recorder, which would record a frame every few seconds down to a second. And you would just need a simple camera. I don't know if your camera is capable of shooting time lapse, you'll have to read the manual carefully to be sure.

    With today's computers and software, you should also be able to capture at the rate you wish with a dedicated computer and comera.

    Maybe check into the security field, it may be more proctical to find what you need there.

    Have fun!
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    If you have a digita camera then you can use "Timer Shot" that can be downloaded from the microsoft website. Look for windows xp Powertoys. Works good but is basic in features.
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    If you have enough tape and you can make it work, I think it's a good idea to shoot the footage at the normal rate and do the time-lapse in post-production. Although it's not practical in many situations, if you can do it the results are much better. The main thing is that good editing software will blend frames to make a more realistic motion-blur when the footage is sped up.
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