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    Changing color logo to white

    Hi, I am not very photoshop savvy, but what I'm looking to do is take a color logo from an organization and place it in pagemaker. The problem is the logo in photoshop is gold and I'm looking to turn it white so that it stands out on the red background I'm using for the brochure. I only want the logo to be white (would I need some sort of transparent background?) Can anyone help?? Directions in kid terms would be helpful because I'm slow on this graphics stuff. Thanks!!

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    Use the magic wand tool to select the area you want to change, then go to Edit > Fill and fill the area with the new colour.
    Dave Owen

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    Yes, you could you the magic wand tool, but i perfer to use the pen tool, much more accurate. After you finished the the pen tool it should appear in your paths pallette.


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