I've been assigned the task of trying to get something set up, and until yesterday I've had limited experience working with live video feeds or effects.

The end result wants to look something like this:

One computer, one camera of some kind, one computer monitor, one 42" TV connected as a second computer monitor.

I need an application that can key out a green screen on a live camera feed, and display it in full screen on the television. On the computer monitor, I want to retain full control over the computer and settings related to the camera and background images while the display is up without kicking it out of a full screen image. I also need an easy way for the computer operator to take quick screenshots of the video feed, and print them out on a local printer, as well as later host them on a webpage for remote access, all without a lot of photo editing.

So far, I've only been able to get the monitors to behave correctly with a trial version of Stop Motion Pro v5, using the "Output to Second Monitor" function. I've been taking screenshots with Print Screen, and pasting them into a seperate photo editing application on a template that shares the TV display's resolution, to crop off the extended desktop on the second monitor automatically. But this is still a clunky way to do things, and that program is not only designed for something completely different, but is also out of the price range I'm looking at.

My only real questions are: How possible is this? Is there a program that might make any of these things easier/more efficient/cheaper? Regardless of price, or slight alterations to the setup, I'm curious to see if anyone else has suggestions for me and any information would be appreciated.