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    Need sound advice

    Hello, everyone:
    I am new to the forum. I am about to launch my own production company (who isn't these days?) and have some barebone equipment...Canon xl1s, mac with Final cut...and would like to make a purchase of sound equipment that would cover my indoor/outdoor production needs. What mikes, mixers, mounts, etc. would you purchase if you were starting your own company? I need to rent EVERYTHING!



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    I'm thinking....

    Shotgun mic
    Boom pole
    Hand-held mic
    Pair of wireless lapel mics

    Perhaps a portable mixer but I wouldn't consider it a priority. The XL1S has four audio inputs if you need them (although I think there's a quality compromise).

    Of course a lot depends on the type of work you'll be doing. Maybe you'll never use a lap mic and maybe you'll need a proper mic stand. I think the items above are a good general start though.
    Dave Owen

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    Most ENG shoots I see now are using Sound devices ENG/EFP mixers, even a small movie shoot I was on the other day.. If you are acting as aone-man show you can use the inputs you have available, but there will definitely be a deficit in quality.

    All the other suggestions are good, a good Boom mic, a couple of lavs, stick mic, headphones...

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    Dave and Bassred, thanks for the suggestions. I will look into mixers, I am a little leery of a direct input to XL1.


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    Thinking beyond location audio, you may want to consider putting together a basic narration set up. Something a little sexier than a lavaliere or a stick mike into a location mixer, recorded into your camera.

    I truly believe that audio has become the red headed stepchild to video. It's not until you hear a serious professional signal chain that you realize what we have come to accept as quality audio. I have a small case that contains a nice fat juicy microphone preamp, and a high quality compressor, along with several go to microphones. I mostly record directly to NLE. I love the look on peoples faces when they first hear the playback. Especially the older narrators. The guys that started in radio. It has certainly made a difference in my work, and it's really not as costly as it would seem.


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    What is NLE?


    Can you explain your audio recording setup in more detail so that I (newbie) may understand and duplicate?



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    my audio set up is the following:

    2xAudio-Technica Deluxe Shotgun Microphone Kit - Includes: AT-4073a Shotgun Microphone, Universal Shockmount, Rycote Softie, Cabled Boom Pole, Universal Hand Grip and Right Angled XLR Cables.

    4xLectrosonics 100 Series Deluxe Kit - Includes: 100 Series Wireless Lavalier System, UH400 Plug-In Transmitter, Tram TR-50 Omni-directional Microphone, ENG Microphone, Case and Accessories

    3xShure SM58 Handheld Microphone

    Wendt X3 ENG/EFP Basic Field Mixer Kit - Includes: Wendt X3 Field Mixer, Sony MDR V6 Studio Headphones, Headphone Softies, 25-foot XLR Cable and Cable Carrier

    as well as the mic mounted on each camera
    Manoni Productions
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    id say change the mixer to alesis multimix-16 usb prolly

    great pres in that n its pretty portable

    cheap basterds could use that for even recording music if u can eq it rite because the preamps are pretty amazing

    idk y u would need sm58s, 4 overdubing juz use a diaphram condenser, like a at2020 (cheap), rodes ntk (mid), or a neuman (great)

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    prolly want to change the shotgun to shan mkh416

    but at4073a is pretty good

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    I would say that you would use them because when you're shooting video, you don't want to have a microphone blocking someone's entire face. When you're going on location, you need things as mobile as possible. That means lightweight, able to withstand being thrown around, and small. A multimix 16 usb is not meant for field productions, except maybe for recording a gig, and even then, why the USB?
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