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    SLOMO in the new HDV cameras

    I really wanna buy a JVC GY HD100 or a Sony HVR-Z1e, but I dont know which is best.

    But does anyone know if they can do time laps or slomo, do any other cameras achieve this, within the 2-4 grand range?
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    I don't know of any cameras in that price range which do proper time lapse or slo mo.

    I've never had much experience with time lapse cameras but the ones I have used didn't perform very well. They took a couple of seconds of video at set intervals, which for most purposes is too much. Good time lapse really needs single frames at set intervals, otherwise it looks too stilted.

    For time lapse I reckon you're better off doing the effect in post if you can. This means having to record and capture normal-speed video and then speed it up, which obviously takes a lot more time, but you can control the effect much better. For example, I did some time-lapse on a construction site recently and it looked much more effective when I tweaked the time lapse to make sure the good bits were included and the boring bits were shortened.

    As for slomo, this requires a high-speed camera which can run faster than the standard 25 or 30 frames per second. I've never seen a consumer-level camera which could do this. Although a high-speed camera makes the best slow motion, slowing the video down in post works well enough for most situations.
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    I have touched a Bolex, never used it though, hehee....

    I really want to do a time laps of clouds, sun, and stars, but that much video would choke a system.

    The camera I am looking at is JVC GY HD100, I've now just learned that there is an HD101 - the only difference is the 101 has dv-in and is 400 more, so that must mean the hd100 only has DV-out :*( what a con!
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    Frame rate should be at 60. to do slow motion.
    After effects can create also.
    Others here might know more.

    The JVC HD100UA Has multiple recording options including 24p!
    You choose the frame rate or use the NLE to make motion changes.


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