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    need group mic help

    I need to purchase microphones for a group of singers in a praise team. Currently the musicians (mic'd piano and violin, amp'd elecronic drums, guitar and bass) are located next to but on a level 2 feet lower than the singers. There are about 16-18 singers in a 16-18' space. We currently semi-circle around three condenser mics placed about 6' apart. The mics belong to another group so I want to get our own but I'm confused about what kind to use, how many, and how far from the singers. Btw, there are existing overhead mics that don't cut it with our group. I'm looking in the price range of $120-150 each if at all possible. Thanks!

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    Go to any reputable store and their Pro Audio guy sould know what they've got. You can also check out online stores and find what you need, there are plenty of great options when it comes to hanging mics for choir use, just finding the right one for your needs is up to you... three or four mics should do you jut fine (my old church had almost 30 people in the choir loft and used four hanging mics). Thre are also great used resources online, don't forget to check the auctions!!


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