Hi Everyone,

It's been a long time since these forums were active. Due to other commitments we closed them down several years ago but things have come a full circle and we're very happy to be able to open them up once again.

We know from experience that it takes quite a long time for forums to gain momentum and we expect things to be slow around here for a while. Please don't let this put you off - we'll do our best to reply and answer any questions. You just need to understand that we are very busy and we won't be able to spend too much time here.

What we really need are people who are able and willing to take part, answer questions and share their knowledge. If this sounds like you, then please stick around and get involved. We've got some ideas about how contributing to these forums can help you as well as helping others.

Looking forward to chatting, meeting new people, helping our where we can and having some fun.

Kind Regards,
Dave and Richard Owen